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1.Mutil-points steam heating in the molding chamber, to achieve the steam evenly distributes in the steam chamber.

2.Special mould-locking Structure, to ensure enough mould-locking strength.

3. There is a balance guiding columns in the steam chamber of movable press frame to lock the position of open/close the mould,

to ensure the accuracy of mould crack.

4. Set a high efficient condenser as an independent vacuum cooling system.

5.Equipment control system use full digital proportional control, to have more precise control of energy consumption, while others

use Analog proportional control or Switching Quantities Control.

6. Using big diameter valve can offer enough supplying capacity in an instant, to short the cycle time.

7.Steam room use special Thermal insulation material; realize the insulation of cavity.

8.The main rod can be disassembled independently.

9. Combined robot to uatumatically take product out to reach full automation production line,save manpower and improve

production efficient.

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