I've finished the lobster mittens for my husband.  They turned out very nice, and I may be starting a second set - double layered - for a friend of mine.  He wanted the warmth of mittens and the versatility of gloves, and these are still the perfect compromise.

The three fingers together look a little awkward, but the texture gives it a bit of nub so there is still a little bit of grip left in the gloves.  

On these, the cuff is a lot smaller than I would normally do them.  There were a couple reasons I made it so small: men's gloves typically have a bit shorter cuffs, they took a little less time, and I knew my husband wouldn't care.  He'd probably like them better, since he won't have to worry about layering the cuffs of these with the cuff of shirt.

My second project is a quilt from the colors of the greatest team in the NHL: the Minnesota Wild!  (That's not just an opinion, they have the best record right now.  Brodziak had two goals last night, and Harding didn't let any through.)

It's turning out fairly nicely, and should be a great size for watching the game either at home or at the X.  So, this is showing the crochet granny squares in three of the four stages.  I have them hanging on holding needles for better organization.  

They are extremely time consuming, but doing multiple stages at once helps to tone down the monotony.  I always forget just how much work these are until I'm knee deep in several pounds of yarn.  But I'm excited to see how this one goes, and so far I'm thrilled with the outcome!



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