For a long time, I have wanted my own piano.  For Christmas when I was 7 years old, we were blessed with a Yamaha keyboard.  It still works and has tied me over quite well.  About a year ago, my mom scavenged her own piano through a string of events:

Her brother acquired a new piano when his wife's dad was downsizing.  It's a gorgeous piece.  So, my mom snagged her own piano for the cost of moving it from their house to hers.

This is the common denominator on free pianos: they are all self-movers.  If I remember correctly, hiring piano movers was only about $80 for my mom's piano scavenger.  

The piano on the left is not the one she scavenged: It's from Craigslist, but it looks like a very nice specimen.  With just looking at pianos on here, I've found there are a few things to watch for: 

  1. Approximate Age and Manufacturer.  If they can tell you who made it, doing research is a whole lot easier!  
  2. No matter what, the post must always have pictures.  I don't even consider a Craigslist item without them.  I want to see exactly what I'm getting myself into.  It's a little bit judging a book by its cover, but you can see any blemishes, if there are any cracks in the piano keys, or if there are any major deficits.  
  3. Last time it was tuned or the condition of the sound.  If the poster is honest about its problems, I'm more likely to take them up on the piano.  This particular one says that some keys need a little tweaking at its next tuning, and it hasn't been tuned for about three years.


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