Recently, I've started doing something I have always poked fun at my sister for doing: urban scavenging.  We both have a knack for finding things and for finding uses for things, but it is nice to have an outlet for that type of hobby.  I love turning trash to treasure, even if it doesn't become my treasure.

This week, I've made two impressive finds: a microwave cart that was left my by neighbors for the trash man.  It has a few screw holes in the top, and part of the molding on the front fascia is breaking off.  But it's nothing that a nail or two wouldn't fix.  It has the 80's fake wood veneer look to it, so it would need a coat of paint, but it is the perfect size for my shiny (also scavenged) printer/scanner/copier and for organizing the different types of paper that I use.  It also has molding to surround the casters and look a little nicer.  So, it is sitting patiently in the garage for me to fix up.  A little sanding and a coat of paint... and it will be perfect!

Last night, while scavenging an outdated article (I was looking for a desk chair), I nabbed a perfectly good dining table!  It is exceptionally cute, and would go great with the chairs my mom has in her basement (as opposed to the table she has there currently).  I love this table.  It expands from a small rectangle to a decent sized square - I love square tables!  So, I just couldn't help myself - even if I have no current use for it.  Someday, I'm sure it will be great for an office, my mom's house, my future house... I'm not sure where it will end up quite yet!

What I'm really searching for, is an office chair like this one.  I have one already, but with two desks, it makes more sense to have two chairs.  I gave my other desk chair to my sister because hers was the stand for the seat and the remaining back.  The seat itself snapped out, so I gave her my awesome purple chair.  Since then, I have been searching for a chair very similar to this one, so I have two that match.

Of coarse, they wouldn't stay like this chair forever, I would love to have two chairs that I would reupholster in a great fabric and make them just a little bit more special from the normal desk chair. 

And leather imitation vinyl gets too hot.

I found one out several miles away... so I'm debating jumping on it.  I was hoping to scavenge one for free, and my space is going to be further limited in about six months.  So, that scavenge may end up going on hold.

 At some point I'm sure I'll get my perfect chair, but for now, I'll be happy with one.



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